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great work.

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Happy Life.
We push our work beyond just a job.
It’s something we are passionate about.

Our philosophy

Consumers are more connected - to each other and to brands - than ever before. They demand more value and more meaning from brands than ever before. And they can make or break a brand's reputation more quickly than ever before. Brands that stay relevant are the ones that are built for the new digitised, socialised, always on, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world.

We call those brands Living Brands. And at Edelman Digital, we can help you transform your brand into a Living Brand.


At Edelman we create authentic conversations between brands, business and everyday people. We believe communication should be built on big ideas that have real meaning for your audience and not be simply self-serving. We instinctively understand story telling because of our PR heritage, creating newsworthy and compelling opportunities.

How do we wake up?